The Power of a Brand Story

The power of storytelling within advertising is a field of study that has garnered much interest from branding and advertising practitioners. Contemporary research has found a clear and significant link between emotion and advertising. The nature of advertising has changed drastically over the past two decades with the rise of the internet and social media. This has made advertising a challenging mission. Therefore, the need to create sophisticated communications that break through the noise and connect with the consumer on a deep level has never been more relevant.

For the longest time, humans have come to understand the world through stories (Escalas 2004). Stories are shared through many cultures and are understood as an important element of life, a lens through which we make sense of the world around us. Stories are synonymously known as narratives (Shankar et al. 2001; Stern 1998). In branding, stories have the ability to win the hearts and minds of consumers through amalgamating the product itself/its attributes with the consumer’s feelings and emotions.

In an article published in ‘Psychology Today’, research presents, four convincing insights on the effects that storytelling has on the brain.

MRI imagery showed that when consumers are evaluating brands, they primarily use emotions rather than information presented.

Research reveals that consumers intent to buy a product is far more influenced by emotional response by a factor of 3 to 1 for television and 2 to 1 for print ads vs informational content

The Advertising research foundation also concluded that ‘likeability’ was the most effective measure in predicting an advert’s effectiveness in relation to brand sales.

Studies suggest that positive emotions have a greater influence on the loyalty of customers as oppose to trust and other judgments in relation to a brand’s attributes.

An epic example of telling an engaging story is the Guardian’s Award winning “Three Little Pigs advert” Described by Adweek as a “masterpiece of craft and storytelling”. check out the spot below.


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