Why do I need a portfolio? 

A picture is worth a thousand words

A portfolio is a collection of images that represents a model, it is a necessity for marketing yourself within the industry. A strong portfolio is developed over time, it shows range of looks and most importantly, it should show your confidence, personality and style in front of the camera.

You are the Brand !

Portfolios are used to sell your brand, they are the visual CV that casting directors and agents use to gauge your look, style and suitability for projects. The more impactful and diverse the modelling portfolio is the stronger your chances are of landing the projects you want.


How much does a portfolio cost? 

The cost of a modelling portfolio can vary from hundreds to thousands of pounds. It does of course depend on the purpose of the shoot, location, photographer and make up artists. However, a huge price tag doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality.  

BE Create

At BE Creative Network we like clarity and simplicity, so we have created starter portfolio development packages that will suit all budgets and specifications providing the tools to help you start your career in the entertainment industry. 

How does it work ?

You pick your package and based on your requirements, we arrange your shoot. Are you looking for Acting Head shots or a High fashion concept shoot?

Will it cost an Arm 

and a Leg ?

We calculate the package on the cost price of the service. The reason we only charge cost price is because we believe in delivering a fair price for a quality service. 

Our price includes the option for Talent Management and representation services free of charge, we also offer branding and influencer marketing strategies. 

 Unbeatable Pricing 





120 Photos

2 Edited 


 Deposit £50, day of the shoot £99 

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Starter Package Deposit” price=”50″ url=”https://becreativenetwork.com/photoshoot-confirmation/” button_text=”Book Now”]





200 Photos

5 Edited 

Hair & Make up

( 2 styles)

Deposit £100, 

day of the shoot £100

On completion £49 


[accept_stripe_payment name=”Standard Package Deposit” price=”100″ url=”https://becreativenetwork.com/photoshoot-confirmation/” button_text=”Book Now”]





200 Photos  

10 Edited 

 Hair & Make up 

( 2 Looks) 

 Composite Cards 

( Z Cards) 

Deposit £100, day of the shoot £100 On completion £49  


[accept_stripe_payment name=”Premium Package Deposit” price=”100″ url=”https://becreativenetwork.com/photoshoot-confirmation/” button_text=”Book Now”]





250 Photos 

15 Edited

Composite Cards ( Z Cards)

Hair & Make up (3 Looks)

Includes 1 extra shoot to update


Deposit £100, day of the shoot £200 

On completion £149 


[accept_stripe_payment name=”Ultra Package Deposit” price=”100″ url=”https://becreativenetwork.com/photoshoot-confirmation/” button_text=”Book Now”]

Payment plan to suit you  

We offer a payment plan that makes it easy and affordable to create a stunning portfolio 

with complete transparency, delivering a quality professional service.


Step 1: Let’s talk, In order to make sure we put together the right shoot for your needs, we may need to arrange a face to face consultation as we also offer model representation. There are no additional fees for this service, we work only on commission. If you only need a portfolio then we can jump straight to organising your shoot.


Step 2: Shoot details, Once we know what you want, we will take a £49 deposit that is deducted from the total price to reserve your photo shoot.  


Step 3: Payment on the day of the shoot, We take the second payment on the day, this covers the cost of the team that will be working with you. This will be agreed beforehand.


Step 4: Completing payment, Once you receive your images and are happy with them you can complete the payment. We do not have a time limit on completing the payment, we aim to make the process as stress free as possible. When your ready, we will then release the rights to the images. 


This process ensures clarity and most importantly that you are happy with the quality and service at every step.


If you want to book a package call us directly, and we will be happy to arrange your shoot. 


We will go through some more details of what to expect on the day and extra services we cover.  

Portfolio bookings:

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Model Representation 

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